[App] Menambahkan Ingredient pada Menu

You can enable Inventory Management feature by adding ingredient/item calculation on each menu. The feature is intended to facilitate you in managing stock/inventory of ingredient/item in the kitchen.

  1. Select the Master menu
    menu master
  2. Click Master Menu
    master menu
  3. On the add / change menu page, click the (+) icon to the right of the Ingredient/Item Menu article
  4. Specify Ingredient/Item Menu Typeadd menu category

– Select Item if the processed ingredients are raw goods, such as rice, raw chicken, and so forth

– Select Menu if the processed ingredient is finished / semi-finished goods, such as rice, fried chicken, and so on

  1. Enter the name and amount of ingredient/item according to the prescribed dosage for the menu
  2. Make sure the ingredient/item is Enabled to enable Inventory Management featureadd ingredient menu
  3. And if any stock/inventory is out of order, then activate the Out of Stock so that when there is a menu that uses the ingredient/item will not make the reduction of stock/inventory
  4. Click Done