Nahid - At Six Community Cafe

If you visit the area surrounding the Grand Mosque of Surabaya, it is worth it to stop by At Six Community Café located in Gayungsari area. The community-based café is a family business established by Nahid and his siblings. Why choose to develop a community café? This is because Nahids and families are joined in many different communities. Aware if every community needs a cozy and spacious place to hang out at, the idea to create a café popped. At Six itself means at 6, the time at which the café is open and ready to serve customers.

The café which began operating since June initially did not use any Point of Sale system. Nahid acknowledged that in the past he only wanted to open a simple café as a place to hang out, so all transactions are recorded manually. Until finally one of the friends of one community introduced him to Meeber. Feeling interested in the mobile POS which he thinks is very practical, he then finally tried to download and used Meeber during the trial period. “We decided to try the demonstration and run directly in the café for several days. Then we think some features of Meeber meet the needs of At Six, “added Nahid.

In addition to being easy to use, according to Nahid, Meeber service to his customers is also quite good. “A WhatsApp group is made for us (owner and employee), so that any complaints can be directly addressed and assisted to solve. Alhamdulilah, the response is very direct and quick. “