Meeber Web Dashboard

The dashboard is the main page where you can access all reports related to the restaurant business. To access Dashboard is very easy. You only need to access the website of Mebeer POS at then log in the account by clicking Sign in at the top right of the website. This time we’ll explain what you’ll find on the Dashboard home page.


Tenant Description


In the top right you will see your tenant/business name. If your business has more than one branch (multi-outlets), then you can decide yourself which outlet dashboard you want to see. The trick is to click the name of the tenant, will appear to drop down, then select the outlet.




In addition to the time statement, you can also specify the taking period on the Dashboard by clicking on the date. A drop-down will later appear with various options, such as Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, and so forth.


Total Collected

total collected

Is the amount of revenue you managed to earn in a certain period. Description M behind the numbers means million and K means thousand.


Sales Profit

sales profit

It is a sales profit where calculations come from Net Sales which is reduced by all cost menu (if you use Stock/Inventory Management feature). This calculation is certainly not an actual business advantage because it has not been deducted by employee salaries, operational costs, and so on.



transaction web

Is the amount of sales/payments at the cash register. The goal is to measure how much sales are transacted.




This parameter tells you how many customers are coming to your restaurant following the average number of bills each customer pays.


Hourly Total Collected


These charts show descriptions of which hours your restaurant is busy visiting. So you can prepare more menu items and provide more employees for customers to be well served.


Top Menu Category

top menu category

Describe which menu categories are most ordered by the customer. The pie-shaped graph will make it easier for you to compare one category to another.


Top Menu Items

top menu item

This list lists the 10 most preferred restaurant dishes. With it you know the amount of any ingredients/item you have to prepare for your best seller menu so that they will not be out of order in the crowded hours.


Payment Method

payment method

Meeber provides two ways of payment, ie cash and card use. This is to facilitate you in determining the behavior of customers when making payment transactions.