[Web] Warning on Ingredient / Item

Meeber POS features the Stock/Inventory Management feature to make it easier for you to manage the stock/inventory of  to avoid the problem of running out of ingredient/item when serving customers or transactions under the hand. For that Meeber POS provides three different warnings so you and your employees are able to find out the condition of the stock/inventory of the ingredient/item at this time. This Warning can be found in the Order page of the application. The goal is to tell the waiter if there is a certain menu that is soon to be out of order. Additionally the warning also appears on the Master Item on the Web Dashboard. This time the goal is to facilitate you in updating the amount of ingredient/item stock/inventory.

icon warning

Green Warning

It means Safe. The stock/inventory of the ingredient/item is still enough to be processed into a menu and you do not need to buy ingredient/item from the supplier.

Yellow Warning

It means Watch Out. The stock/inventory of ingredient/item is low, so be careful if there are customers who order. You should buy ingredient/item from suppliers.

Red Warning

It means Out of Stock. The stock/inventory is out and the customers are not able to order the menu. You must re-purchase the ingredient / item for the menu to be served back to the customer.