[Table Service] Taking Order Menu

Table Service mode is for complex business models, such as cafes and restaurants. Called Table Service because each transaction is taken based on the position of the table/seat customers. This mode is intended to facilitate the waiter in taking the order menu without fear of confusion.

  1. Make sure the arrangement of tables in Meeber POS is in accordance with the actual conditions in your restaurant
    table service
  2. Select the table where the customer sits
  3. In one table there are generally more than one customer, so then enter the number of customers in the Total Party. Click (+) and (-) to increase and decrease the number of customers

    table service

  4. If you use the Customer Management feature, then:

– Select Add New Customer if the customer is a new one. Enter the Customer’s Name, Customer Category, Address, and Phone Number.

– If the customer has been registered, then live Pick Customer List

– If you do not want to store customer data, then enter the name of one of the customers as a table name marker

  1. Click Check In
  2. Select the menu you ordered by clicking on the menu list on the left. Customize also with the menu category you have. Later the menu ordered will appear under the customer name on the right.
  3. To avoid orders to be swapped with one and another, it is advised that the waiter to should always note the name of each customer before noting the menu according to the seating order
  4. If you use the Kitchen feature, then click Send to Kitchen for order menu to appear in your kitchen system
    table service
  5. But if you want to get paid in advance, then select Checkout
  6. The amounts of bills to be paid will appear in the checkout menu