[Web] Stock-Taking/Inventory Checking

To use the Stock/Inventory Management feature, then the most important thing you should do is to enter the ingredient/item every menu served. Make sure you’ve created an ingredient/item category to make grouping easier. In Meeber POS there are two ways to manage the stock of ingredient/item, namely through Meeber POS mobile application and website dashboard. Instead of doing it through Meeber POS application, you can also set the ingredient/item via Dashboard. Previously you have to access the website of at https://meeberpos.com then log in the account by clicking Sign in at the top right. In the sidebar on the left, select Master Data.

Stock-taking/Inventory Checking is a physical counting activity on the stock of ingredient/item to be processed into a menu. In general, this activity is done to know accurately about records of books / reports with actual stock. With Meeber POS, you can also do stock-taking/inventory checking by:

  1. Select Master Data menu
  2. Click Itemitem
  3. Click Master Data on the left and select Item
  4. Click Items Opname above the items column
    item opname
  5. On the Ingredient/Item Stock Opname page you can adjust the amount of stock between the actual bookkeeping records in the warehouse/kitchen
    stock opname
  6. Also specify the date of Stock Opname
  7. Click Save

You can also view the history of Stock-Taking change by clicking Show Item Stock Opname History at the top. A table will appear to list the changes you made. This history can be downloaded in .csv format by clicking on the paper icon on the bottom left.