Sign Up For Meeber POS Through Application

To be able to register account through the application, you must firstly download Meeber POS through Google Play Store.

  1. Open the Meeber POS app and click Register
  2. Enter Email, Username, Password, and Referral Code (if any). Make sure the data you entered is correct by checking the small box in front of the statement I am sure the data above are valid. Then click Register

app sign up

  1. Open your email inbox. Meeber will send you a verification email. Click Activate on the bottom right to activate your account. If it is not in the Inbox, please check your Spam

Verifikasi Akun

4. You will be automatically redirected to Meeber POS website. Fill your business description completely. Then click Submit

5. Next, you will arrive at the Dashboard page, a place where you can view all business reports

6. Return to the application. Select Sign In and enter your Username and Password

app sign in

7. Meeber POS application will sync data to the cloud

8. You will be prompted to log in user authentication. For starters you can enter roots as default username in Employee Login. Click Continueautentikasi user

  1. Enter 1234 as the default PIN

password autentikasi

  1. Welcome to the Meeber POS app