Settings Order-Bill Print In The Kitchen

Every business has its own problems and needs. Their way of applying Meeber POS is different. For that you can make adjustments on Meeber POS application through the Settings menu available in the left sidebar. Here’s how to order order printing in the kitchen with the Meeber POS app:

  1. Select the Settings menu


  2. In the Preferences section, on the Kitchen Option menu choose between IP Adress Kitchen Printer, Kitchen Monitor, or Without Kitchen
    kitchen option
  • If you want to print order menu records from the waiter to the kitchen printer, then select IP Adress Kitchen Printer.
  • If you want to use the Kitchen Display feature, where the chef can also directly view the menu order via Meeber POS application in the kitchen that is in sync with the waiter, then select Kitchen Monitor. In your kitchen monitor when choosing a display order in two types, namely:kitchen monitor

List View, if you want the menu order in kitchen to appear with display list according to time of order

Table View, if the menu order appears according to table location

  1. If you do not want to use Meeber POS application in kitchen, then choose Without Kitchen.

If you want to use table checker then enable Enable Table Checker menu.