[Quick Service] Taking Order Menu

Quick Service mode is for compact business models, such as food stalls and food trucks. It is called Quick because the flow of transactions is fast. The waiter can immediately record the order menu while receiving payment from one tablet.

  1. If you use the Customer Management feature, then click the New Customer icon at the top right for new orderquick service taking order

– Select Add New Customer if the customer is a new one. Enter the Customer’s Name, Customer Category, Address, and Phone Number

– If the customer has been registered, then just search the customer name

– If you do not want to store customer data then choose Unregistered Customer


  1. Select the menu you ordered by clicking on the menu list on the left. Customize also with the menu category you have. Later the menu of the ordered food will appear under the customer’s name on the rightquick service taking order
  2. If you use the kitchen feature, then click Send To Kitchen order menu can appear on your kitchen monitor
    quick service taking order
  3. If your restaurant has a pay system in the back, then the waiter can use the Open Bills feature where the reservation record will be stored first. When the customer finishes eating and wants to pay, the cashier can open a reorder record
  4. But if you want to get paid in advance, then select Charge
  5. The amount of bills to be paid will appear in the Checkout menu