Printer Network Settings

Tools Required:

To be able to install printer receiver with computer or tablet, you need some tools, among them:

  • Printer
  • Router
  • Meeber POS Application
  • Cable
  • Receipt Paper Roll (Thermal Paper)


Step Settings:


  1. Reset Printer

a. Make sure Epson printer is off

b. Press the push button on the back for 4 seconds while turning on the printer. Later the printer will automatically test and reset the printer. At the top of the print test receipt will appear IP address


  1. Connect Printer to PC

a. Make sure your Epson and PC printers are connected by installing an ethernet cable.


  1. Change Computer Network Settings

a. Right-click the network icon on the bottom right of your computer

networkb. Select Open Network and Sharing Center

networkc. Click on Ethernet in the connection section

d. Select Properties in the bottom left


e. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and then click Properties


f. Select Use the following IP address and enter the IP address, Subnet mask, and Default Getaway in accordance with the printer receipt test. Important note: for the IP address, make sure the last digit is not the same as the one shown with the IP address of the printer test results, can be more or less 1 number


g. Click OK


  1. Buka Printer di Web

a. Type in the appropriate IP address you entered in your computer’s network settings.


  1. Configure TCP/IP

a. In the configuration menu, select TCP / IP


b.To Get IP address select Manual

c. While for APIPA and PING select disabled.

d. Click Submit then Reset

e. To verify that it is configured correctly, you can press the push button on the back of the printer for 4 seconds with the printer still on. If the IP address is appropriate then it has been successful.



Setting Up a Printer Network In Meeber POS

a. Open the Meeber POS app and select the settings menu

b. In the Printer brand, select the appropriate network printer


c. In the Printer IP Address section, enter the IP address corresponding to the last receipt test

d. Click Try Printer to test the printer

e. Then click save