Bluetooth Printer Settings

Meeber POS can be configured with multiple supporting hardware to facilitate you in making payment transactions and deliver receipt to customers, such as Bluetooth Printer, Printer Network, and MPOP.

Pairing Tablet and Bluetooth Printer
  1. Select the Settings menu on your tablet
  2. Turn on Bluetooth and search for active device
  3. Select AB-320M on Available Devices
  4. Enter code 1234

bluetooth5. Masukkan kode 1234pairing

 Menghubungkan Printer Bluetooth dengan Aplikasi Meeber
  1. Select the Settings menu
  2. In the general settings, select Zonerich AB-320 for the Printer Brand section
    printer brand
  3. Then select AB-320M in Bluetooth Printer Device
  4. To verify that the printer is connected to the Meeber POS app, click Test Printer
    print success
  5. When printed successfully, click Save