Managing Multi-Outlet Device (Tablet)

You can also make account settings via web dashboard, not only through Mebeer POS application. To arrive at the Account & Settings page you must access the Meeber POS website at then log in the account by clicking Sign in at the top right of the website. In the sidebar on the left, select Accounts & Settings.

Sometimes the tablet device can be moved or exchanged from one outlet to another outlet. In Dashboard Meeber you can still monitor where the tablets are actually positioned, here’s how to manage them:

  1. On the Account & Settings menu click Device
    Account setting
  2. List outlet along with the list of device description in one outlet will appear, complete with type of OS, when the device is last logged in Meeber POS, when the subscription ends, and so on.

    Device list

  3. You can automatically remove the device from the outlet by click (x) on the right
    delete Device list