[Transaction] How to Refund

This menu will save the history of sale and purchase transactions for one week only. After that it will be automatically erased. For a fuller version you can view and access it directly to the Dashboard. Here’s how to refund from transaction recap in Meeber POS application:

  1. Select the Transaction menu
  2. Specify the time range / period of the transaction you want to see
  3. You can also search for transactions based on the receipt number in the Search Bill Number field
  4. In the left-hand column, find out which transactions to reorderpick date transaction
  5. Click Issue Refund at the top right
  6. Enter the amount of money to be returned. Whether the number of initial transactions or some parts onlyissue refund
  7. Include the reason for the refund

– If you have set Void Reason it will show a list of reasons / complaints for refund

– If not, you can still write your own cancellation reasons by click Other, then write down the reason for the return. Click Save

reason refund

  1. Click Save