[Web] Changing Customer Category

Enable the Customer Management feature to help you manage your customers with the goal of improving customer satisfaction. To make it easier, you can also categorize customers, such as distinguishing who has become member and so forth. Instead of proceeding it through Meeber POS application, you can also manage customer category through Dashboard. Previously you have to access the website Meeber POS at https://meeberpos.com then log in the account by clicking  Sign in at the top right of the website. In the sidebar on the left, select Master Data.

Here’s how to change customer categories through the web dashboard:

  1. Select Master Data menu
  2. Click on Customer Categorycustomer category
  3. Click the pencil icon to the right of the customer category you want to change
    edit customer category
  4. Make changes to customer category data as you wish
  5. Click Save