Variety of Reports on the Web Dashboard

This section provides more detailed reports than an overview in the Home Dashboard section. To arrive at this Report page you must access the Meeber POS website at and then log in the account by clicking Sign in at the top right of the website. In the sidebar on the left, select Report.


Sales Summary

sales summary

This Sales Report contains a graph explaining at which time your restaurant is crowded with customers. Also at the bottom will appear sales calculations in certain periods, such as gross sales, cost, total revenue, and so forth. You can also see how many transactions occurred in the restaurant over a certain period of time along with the average sales of one customer.


Sales Daily

daily sales

In this Daily Sales Report you can see which days your restaurant is crowded. The existence of a bar graph lets you compare sales for several days at a time. There are four graphs that you can set yourself with the drop down click on the top right, which is the graph of gross sales, net sales, revenue, and net income.

If the report in graphic form is still less helpful, at the bottom we provide a comparison in the form of tables so you can better know when the most transactions done along with gross sales to net income. Each column can also be sorted from the largest nominal to the smallest, and vice versa.


Sales By Menu

sales by menu

In this Performance Sales Report you can find out which menus are the most sold, menu category, and cost. This report is in the form of tables and each column can be sorted from nominal to largest, even vice versa. You can also set how many menu items you want to sort. You can also download the report in .csv by clicking the down arrow at the top right.


Discount Report

Laporan Diskon

The Discount report presents a bar chart that explains the comparison of discounts over several days. At the bottom you will see a discount table that describes the time, the waiter who provides the discount, as well as the customers who get the discount. The number of lists in the table can also be set. At the end of the table will appear the total discount that your restaurant gives in a certain period of time. This discount report can be downloaded in .csv by clicking the down arrow at the top right of the table.


Modifier Report

modifier report

This Modifier Report specifically shows which categories and types of modifiers are the most widely added on the menu. At the top, a chart will appear that compares the category of modifier. While at the bottom there will be a table that contains the names of the modifier along with the amount sold and the revenue from the modifier.


Cashdrawer Report

cash drawer report

The Cash Drawer report is actually not much different from the one in the Cash Drawer menu on the Meeber POS app. On the left will display a list of cash drawer history that if one of them clicked will display the report on the right. The report can be sent to an email by clicking the Send Cash Drawer Report button at the top of the report.


Receipt Report

receipt report

This receipt report displays the payment transaction history of the customer. You can set the desired time period to compare the payment transactions per day. In the left column will appear a list containing the time, number of receipt, number of bills, and type of payment. While on the right will be listed more details about the transaction data such as customer name, menu ordered, and others.


Stock Report

item stock report

The Stock/Inventory Report is closely linked to the Stock/Inventory Management feature. In the Stock/Inventory Summary Report column, a table will show the name of the item, the inserted stock/inventory, and the latest condition of the stock/inventory. While in the Stock/Inventory Report Details column will display a table that contains all history of transactions related to stock/inventory, ranging from incoming and outgoing ingredient/item, transaction types, and final stock/inventory of ingredient/item in the warehouse/kitchen. Both stock/inventory reports can be downloaded in .csv by clicking the down arrow in the top right.