Cash Payment

You can use the following ways to serve cash payments in payment transactions on the Checkout page. This applies to Quick Service and Table Service.

  1. On the Checkout page, please select Cash in the Payment Options section
    cash payment


  1. Enter the nominal money paid by the customer
    cash payment

– Type directly in nominal money

– Enter the nominal based fraction of money provided by the customer

– Click Done

  1. Payment Summary will appear that contains transaction details that include:
    payment summary

– Total (bill amount)

– Pay (nominal money paid by customers)

– Change (nominal change)

– Payment Type

  1. In Table Service will appear the option “Do not close the table after pay?” Which gives the option on the cashier to directly delete all data on customer orders that have been paid on the table
  2. Select how to submit the receiptbill

– Print Receipt, if you want to print directly

– Email Receipt, if you want to send receipt to customer’s email

– No Receipt, if you do not want to print or send receipt to email