[Web] Adding Menu

In the restaurant business, the food menu is the main product. For that Meeber provides features Restaurant Menu Settings  where business owners can determine the menu directly along with the ingredient/item and the selling price. This feature is closely related to Stock/Inventory Management, so make sure the calculation of numbers you enter is correct and appropriate.

Instead of proceeding it through Meeber POS application, you can also set the menu via the Dashboard. Previously you have to access the website Meeber POS at https://meeberpos.com then log in the account by clicking Sign in at the top right of the website. In the sidebar on the left, select Master Data. Here’s how to add a menu:

  1. Select Master Data menu
  2. Click Menumenu
  3. Click Create New Menu
    add menu
  4. Enter a Menu Name
    add menu
  5. After that specify in the kitchen where the menu is made
  6. Also, specify the menu category, whether include Drink, Food, or Dessert
  7. In order to facilitate the calculation of income and profit, then the contents of the Sale Price and COST menu
  8. If you want to calculate the COST through ingredient/item, then enable Set Cost from Items / Ingredient
  9. Enable the Taxable Item if every purchase of the menu is taxed
  10. You can also fill in Note and Description as additional information
  11. If the menu wants to appear in the order menu list, then enable Show This Menu to Order Menu List
  12. In the Modifier List column on the right you can also add a modifier as a complement to the menu. Locate the modifier by typing the modifier group name in the search field or check the box to the right of the modifier group nameadd menu
  13. Click Save