[App] Add Ingredient to Menu

You can enable Inventory Management feature by adding ingredient calculation in each menu. The feature is intended to facilitate you in managing the stock of ingredients in the kitchen.

  1. Select Mastermenu master
  2. Click Master Menumaster menu
  3. On the Add / Edit Menu page, click the (+) icon to the right of the Ingredient Menu
  4. Choose Ingredient Menu Type
    add menu category

– Select Item if its processed ingredients are raw goods, such as rice, raw chicken, and so forth

– Select Menu if the processed material is finished / semi-finished goods, such as rice, fried chicken, and so on

  1. Enter the name and amount of ingredients according to the menu
  2. Make sure the ingredient is Enable to enable Inventory Management feature
    add ingredient menu
  3. And if there is a stock runs out, then activate the Out of Stock so that when there is a menu that uses the ingredient will not make stock reductions
  4. Click Done