[Web] Adding Menu Image

In the restaurant business, the food menu is the main product. For that Meeber provides features Restaurant Menu Settings where business owners can determine the menu directly along with the ingredient/item and the selling price. This feature is closely related to Stock/Inventory Management, so make sure the calculation of numbers you enter is correct and appropriate.

Instead of proceeding it through the Meeber POS application, you can also set the menu via the Dashboard. Previously you have to access the website Meeber POS at https://meeberpos.com then log in the account by clicking Sign in at the top right of the website. In the sidebar on the left, select Master Data.

This menu image is intended to be slicker when the menu is displayed in the form of a grid. So that restaurant waiters will not need to look for the name of the menu, but looking for menu pictures only. Here’s how to add a menu:

  1. Select Master Data menu
  2. Click Menumenu
  3. Select the menu to which the image will be drawn
  4. Click the dish icon on the top leftadd logo menu
  5. Open the photo gallery and select the appropriate menu picture
  6. Click save