[App] Adding Item Modifier

Modifier means the additional menu included in the customer’s main order menu, such as an additional topping, spiciness level, or doneness level. You can also set the modifier price as you wish. Here’s how to add item modifier in Meeber POS:

  1. Select the Master menu
    menu master
  2. Click Master Modifiermaster modifier
  3. Click Group Modifier to be added Item Modifier
  4. Click the (+) icon next to Item Modifier Name
  5. Select the modifier type firstadd item modifier

– Select text if modifier is just a description

– Select menu if the modifier is in the form of additional other menus. For example a cheap rice and fried chicken with additional french fries modifier. By using the menu modifier, you can enable Set Price from Item to add the modifier price according to the menu cost

  1. Write the modifier name in the Item Modifier Name field
    add item modifier
  2. Include additional price in Price (if needed)
  3. Set Mandatory if this modifier should always exist on the menu
  4. Click Save