[App] Add Ingredient / Item

To use stock/inventory management feature, then the important thing you should do is enter the ingredient / item every menu is served. Make sure you’ve created an ingredient / item category to make grouping easier. Afterwards you can input ingredients / items according to the prescription dosage menu by:

  1. Select the Master menu
    menu master
  2. Click Master Ingredient / Item
    master item
  3. Click the icon (+) in the top right
    add item
  4. Write the name of the ingredient / item along with the unit of measure of ingredient, such as gram, kilogram, liter, and others
  5. Select the appropriate ingredient/item category
    add item category
  6. Type also the purchase price of ingredient/item as well as the quantity / quantity of ingredients put into Warehouse / kitchen
  7. Enable ‘Enable’ so that ingredient/items can be counted every time there is a menu processing using the ingredient/item
  8. If you want to bring up a notification when the ingredient/item stock is running low, enable Enable Warning. After that also specify the limit of the amount of ingredient/item in which the warning will appear
  9. Click Done