[Web] Adding Employee

Managing business is not always about the menu being served, but also about managing employees who deal directly with customers. With Meeber POS you can also manage employees  easier by using Employee Management feature. Meeber POS provides four different roles:

select role

  • Admin: has the largest role and has access to all features. This role can be used by owner or manager
  • Cashiers: have roles associated with payment transactions and have access to the features of taking payments, cash drawer management, and such
  • Servants: have roles associated with direct customers and have access to take order, customer management, and such
  • Chef: has roles associated with the kitchen system and has access to kitchen display features and such

In addition through the Meeber POS application, you can also manage employees via the Dashboard. Previously you have to access the website Meeber POS at https://meeberpos.com then log in the account by clicking Sign in at the top right of the website. In the sidebar on the left, select Master Data. Here’s how to add clerks through the web dashboard:

  1. Select Master Data menu
  2. Click Employeeemployee
  3. Click Create New Employee at the top right
    master employee
  4. Enter the name of the employee and the address of the residence
    create employee
  5. Enter the username and password (must be 4 digits) as the employee’s log information when using the Meeber POS application
  6. Determine the role corresponding to the employee
  7. Click Save

Used username and password will be used when log in authentication, its function is to distinguish role and access features as described above.