[App] Adding Different Discounts in Each Transaction

As a business actor, providing discounts to attract customers is a common thing. With Meeber POS you can also add discounts on the menu and on payment transactions. There are two forms of discounts available that you can use, percentages or discounts. Here’s how to add different discounts to each transaction:

  1. At Checkout page for payment transactions, select Add Discount at the Option section
    add disc checkout
  2. Choose a discount type
    disc type

– Choose Percentage if the discount is given by a percentage of the sale price. For example 10% of 100,000

– Choose Amount if the discount is given with a nominal deduction from the sale price. For example 10,000 out of 100,000

  1. Click Submitdisc bill

The amount of discount will appear on the receipt and cut the total price before taxes.