[App] Adding Discount

As a business actor, providing discounts to attract customers is a common thing. With Meeber POS you can also add discounts on the menu as well as on payment transactions as a whole. There are two forms of discounts available that you can use, in the form of percentages or discounts. Here’s how to add a discount:

  1. Select Master Master Click Discount menu
  2. menu master
  3. Click Discount menu
    master discount
  4. Click the icon (+) on the top right
  5. Write down the name of the desired discount, e.g Weekend Discounts, New Member Discounts, and so on
  6. Select the discount type
    add discount

– Select percentage if the discount is given by a percentage of the sale price. For example 10% of 100,000

– Choose Amount if the discount is given with a nominal deduction from the sale price. For example 10,000 out of 100,000

  1. If discount applies to all menu, activate Auto-aply to Menu(s). But if the discount only applies to certain menus, you must activate the menus to be discounted
    add discount
  2. Click Done