POS Solution for Every Business Model

Every Meeber Features created to solve your business problems

Point of Sale

Mobile POS

Meeber works on all Android devices. Connecting to Cloud System makes Meeber can use and access in everywhere.

Works even when Offline

The best investment you will ever make to ensure a solid operational and business management system

Cash Management

Maintain your cash flow day by day, either for the income or the expense. This feature is synchronize to the cash drawer.


Set Discount menu as your wish, either based on discount percentage or price amount. You can put discount on each transaction or menu.

Void and Complaint

If there is a transcrip mistake, you can do a void. Thus, if there is a complaint, you can put on Complimentary feature.

Custom Receipt

Receipt report forms on two methods, printed or send to customer mails.

Employee Management

Owner can maintain and monitor each of the employees. The waiters, cashier, also chef have their own account based on the authorization.

Table Management

Less the risk on transcrip problems or delivery order by Table Management feature. Set the table or floor in Meeber based on the real condition.

Quick Service

This service is suitable for a compact business model that requires only one cashier such as food stalls and food trucks.


Recommended Hardware

For the optimalization, Meeber needs some of supported hardware. Find the information about what your hardware already have.

Buy New Hardware

If you are a newbie in Business or POS, no need to worry because we will help you on choose what kind of hardware that compatible to Meeber in your restaurant.



The restaurant customer can do the direct payment or cash. The money will input to transaction and match to the report transaction.

Debit Cards

No need to worry about your petty cash, Meeber provide the debit card services.


Ingredient Composition

Set your Food and Beverage menu with the calculation of raw food. This feature will help the chef to making the food based on the recipe precisely.


Maintain the price, discount, until modifier on each menu in the restaurant without abandoned the cost of goods sold.

Inventory Control

Monitor the stock, start from input the inventory, send to the kitchen, until maintain in order to make the food on the making.

Inventory Checking

Inventory checking is a physical counting activity on the supply of materials to be processed into a menu. You can do inventory checking through web dashboard Meeber POS

Stock Warning

Meeber POS provides three different colors as a warning related to the stock of materials for order menu. The warning is synchronized between employee roles.


Customer Profiles

For the businessman, the customer satisfaction is everything. For improvement, you can save your customer profiles in easy ways.

Customer Category

This feature present to help you on give the best services for customer based on the category. For example, the most visited customer, etc.


Sales Report

This feature can help you to monitor the sales on daily, weekly, or monthly. Owner also able to know what the most favorite menu or when the traffic hour.

Cash Drawer Report

If your unable to visit the restaurant, you can keep monitor the cash flow by Meeber dashboard in anytime and anywhere.

Real Time Reports

Compatible with all f&b business type, empowering owners to monitor their restaurant activities all in one hand, and the freedom to do it anytime, from anywhere.

Inventory Report

By this report, you can decrease the fraud because all of the material already listed, calculated, and integrated on each transaction.

Export Report

All of the reports can download by the owner on .csv. format. The purpose is for the owner able to analyze the accountable data.

Support and Service


You can contact our Customer services by email services info@meeberpos.com in everywhere, local, until overseas.

Live Chat

Our team will always ready to answer the question from the businessman, all about F&B business, the franchise, or any question about Meeber.

Help Centre

Find any supporting information in Meeber website, such as FAQ, until Customer success story.