Agung Indrata - C'Bezt & Best Meat

Meeber greatly helps C’Bezt and Best Meat’s operational systems, especially for stock/inventory management and can save time and cost. Highly recommended!

Ashfa Abid - The Oldman Coffee Co.

“With the Full Service feature, the ordering process is so fast. If the customer orders, the waiter directly send data to the kitchen, then at the checkout they can see how much the bill. All facilitated instantly so there’s no time to be wasted. “

Alex - Shanghai Kitchen

“I believe Meeber will be the POS market leader because the one who developed it is an innovative young men. Now it’s no longer analog. All must be online. “

Nahid - At Six Community Cafe

“In addition to easy to use, service Meeber to their customers also quite good. If we find any obstacles, they immediately responded quickly and well”

Agustian Pratama - MOW Bites and Café

“My favorite Meeber POS is the Dashboard. With the real-time report, now I know what time the cafe is crowded and which menu is the most ordered. “