Ashfa Abid - The Oldman Coffee Co.

For those of you who live in or around Gresik, surely know The Oldman Coffee Co., a super cozy cafe located on Jalan Kartini. But do you know about the owner and how the café operational system works? Asfha Abid, a graduate of the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing who decided to return to Gresik two years ago to develop his dream, the F & B business.

“I used to use a manual cash register, a cash drawer. But after using it, the question still arises, ‘am I really making a profit or not?’ Because the report from the cash register is less detailed. And as an entrepreneur, I need a detailed report that represents what is happening in my business. “Trying to find solutions to the problem, Abid then searched for information via the internet and found Meeber.

“After trying and studying the features through Meeber trial, and consulting directly with the Meeber team, I finally knew it was Meeber I needed. Because with Meeber I am able to know the details about my business immediately and I also know which next step I should take, “said Abid. According to him, the graphics report on the dashboard Meeber does not only help the operational process but indirectly help in preparing marketing strategies. Because in the Dashboard, the owner can immediately know which products are the most in order on weekdays and holidays. And whether there is a favorite menu difference when day and night.

Not only the details, another thing that Abid enjoys from Meeber is the fact that reports can be monitored from anywhere, instead of having to come directly to the café. “If I use other POS I can not monitor from outside, maybe through communication with my employees, but it’s not necessarily true. First of all, honesty is not guaranteed, and second, the information is not necessarily detailed, “he added. As the owner, Abid is not able to stay in the café and escort all transactions from opening to closing. Especially as an entrepreneur he always wanted to try another fortune by opening a new business, whether it is a multi-outlet or a different business model. But with Meeber whatever he does, it will not leave his attention to The Oldman Coffee Co.

In addition to the Dashboard feature, Full Service Meeber feature is also a favorite of Abid. Because according to him after using the feature, customer satisfaction in his cafe directly increased. “The ordering process is so fast that they (customers) do not have to queue. So when the customer orders, our waiter directly sends data to the kitchen to be processed, then later on the cashier is able to see the order At the time of the ordering process the waiter can also directly print and bring the checker to the customer table. A series of processes are facilitated instantly so there is not much time wasted.”

Abid admitted, he was among the people who are not so steeped in technological developments, including POS. but for him, Meeber is a trustworthy, flexible mobile POS, and presents many solutions for complex business needs. In the future, Abid hopes Meeber can provide features that can be integrated directly with other operational systems, such as check log.