Alex - Shanghai Kitchen

Meeber is a mobile POS specially designed to help F&B entrepreneurs manage their business. The F&B business model itself is diverse. It does not only include restaurants, cafes, or fine-dining, but also food stall that is now rampant amongst the event of thematic bazaar every weekend. One of Meeber users whose business model is food stall is Alex, owner of Shanghai Kitchen. Alex who is still in college already has more than 4 branches of Shanghai Kitchen spread across several malls in Surabaya.

Alex initially used the manual taking system and tried POS desktop several times, but the features of the POS did not successfully meet the needs of his business operations. It took a long time for him to be able to find his POS mobile dream with online features and can be monitored real-time. Until early 2016 then an entrepreneurial fellow introduce him to Meeber POS. without much thought, he immediately downloads and tries Meeber as a POS in one food stall.

“Meeber can really be monitored in real-time. I am able to know all sales, profit, and cafe stocks. I found all of that in Meeber,” explained Alex. A very detailed report is the advantage of Meeber that managed to impress him. Not only that, the practical supporting hardware as well as flexible and affordable license subscription price, made him reluctant to try other POS mobile apps. “Meeber cost is worth it really because the previous POS I used is very expensive and it is not online yet. If calculated, Meeber price comparison is only a fifth of what I used to pay, “he added.

In addition to opening food stalls in the mall, Alex also diligently participate in thematic bazaar every weekend. According to him, selling the food and bazaar can bring a larger turnover. “Moreover Meeber have Quick Service which is really good, suitable for shanghai kitchen that needs to serve customers quickly.”

“I believe Meeber will be the market leader of POS. Because the developer is an innovative young man. Now it’s no longer an analog era. All must be online. Moreover, all my operational systems are online, ranging from CCTV, check the log, and Meeber is complimentary. I think Meeber is really good. “Alex himself is one of the earliest customers of Meeber POS. the man who developed Shanghai Kitchen with this family has been using Meeber since it is still a Beta version.

“One more thing I love about Meeber is its excellent customer service response in helping his customers. So that we are not only very satisfied once, but many times. “In the future when the outlet expands, Alex will still entrust Meeber as his POS mobile application.