Agustian Pratama - MOW Bites and Café

The name of Agustian Pratama may  sound familiar to the ears of Surabaya residents, especially for those who like to listen to radio broadcasts in the morning. Yes, the man who is domiciled in Gresik is an announcer in one radio lifestyle with branches spread throughout Indonesia. In fact, besides being good at bringing information through air casts, Tian – the name he goes by – is also good at managing the food & beverage business.

The latest culinary business he developed is MOW Bites and Café, a small shop in Gresik that offers a cozy hangout place and a variety of contemporary snack menu. From the beginning, the café that operates from afternoon to night is intended for the middle to lower market share, especially for consumers of young adolescents. MOW Bites and Café itself has the meaning of one-bite snack. But in the future, it is possible that the café will provide a meal menu.

One of the worries that haunted Tian when he started his F & B business was the POS system. Luckily shortly after launching, he found information about Meeber in his Line Timeline. “Initially I hadn’t thought to use the POS system what, the intention was to record manually. After knowing Meeber is online and cloud-based I became interested,” he explained.

Curiosity leads Tian to the Google Play Store service and downloads Meeber instantly. Considering Meeber has a Free Trial feature, there was no doubt in him to try the POS mobile app. Even according to Tian, Meeber is very easy to learn and use. After that Tian directly subscribed because according to him besides being practical, Meeber also does not require large hardware such as Desktop. The price is also affordable. Especially considering the fact that the business model of MOW Bites and Café has not been too big and is intended for youngsters.

“Meeber features that I love is cashier and Dashboard. From the Dashboard, I was greatly helped by the report provided by Meeber. I know what time the store is crowded and which menu is the most ordered. In addition, I was also provided with income reports, either per day, per week, or per month. Not only that, I was also facilitated with Manage Stock/Inventory feature. I can see all the reports and monitor from anywhere, without the need to come directly to the store, “said the man with short haircut hair and braces.

Not only that, there are two features of Meeber that he has not found in other POS systems, namely Table Management and Discount.

“In addition, what I like about Meeber is also the Table Management feature. Considering MOW Bites and Café visitors are mostly youngsters who often come with their friends, Table Management is very helpful. My clerk no longer had trouble organizing orders per table because it was recorded through Meeber. Interestingly again, Meeber provides ease in giving discounts or discounts on the bill. Whether it’s set early on the Master menu or per transaction sale.”